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Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side: The Best Way to Water Your Yard
Thursday, July 28, 2016

Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side: The Best Way to Water Your Yard

The dog days of summer are here. The hot, humid weather of July and August makes people - and our yards - start to wilt.

While we can retreat to the comforts of pools and air conditioning, our yards have to tough it out under the constant pounding of the sun’s harsh rays. So what’s the best way to water your yard and help it survive the brutal conditions?

Give It an Inch

Your lawn needs about 1 inch of water per week - either through rainfall, watering or both. If you want to ensure accurate measurements, buy a water gauge and place it in open, shaded area of the yard.

If you find that you’re falling below the desired 1-inch mark, it’s best to water early in the day before 10 a.m. This way you’ll reduce evaporation and sun scalding and achieve the most effective and effective watering.

For more on this topic view a past blog post.

Be the Most Efficient

Frequent watering of lawns and gardens during summer’s scorching months can more than double a normal Ohio household’s water usage, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. To conserve resources, don’t lock yourself into a fixed watering schedule. Instead water only when necessary – skipping the watering on a cloudy day or during a cooler spell.

One lawn sprinkler can use up to 600 gallons of water per hour. To avoid wasting water position your sprinkler so that every droplet reaches the lawn and you’re not watering the sidewalks, driveways or streets. It’s also a good idea to avoid the fine mist sprinkler setting, which loses a lot of water to evaporation.

If small patches of yard do turn brown, don’t despair. Brown grass doesn’t necessarily mean dead grass. The roots usually remain alive and healthy.

You can also help relieve the heat stress by mowing less frequently, and set your mower to keep the grass taller at about three inches. This allows the grass to shade its own roots and reduce watering.

A Simple Water Test

Your feet might be your best guide to a healthy yard. Walk across your lawn, if the grass springs back your lawn has enough water - at least for now.

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