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Top 10 Landscaping Mistakes
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top 10 Landscaping Mistakes

More than 50 years in the business have taught us what to do, but more importantly what not to do. To get a head start on your landscaping, take a minute to think about the Top 10 mistakes people make when landscaping.

10. Under and Over-Watering

Proper watering of your landscape can be a tricky task to accomplish. Most people make the mistake of either under-watering or over-watering their yards. If you have a well-established yard, 1 to 2 inches of water is all it needs per week. You can tell if you have under-watered if you have wilted grass that does not spring back into place when you walk on it. Your yard is over-watered when it turns a yellow or a mottled color. If you are having trouble keeping your landscape at the perfect watering level, consider having an irrigation system installed.

9. Being Shortsighted

Failing to see the big picture can be a mistake when starting any project. Sure, your plants may look nice when you first plant them, but what will they look like in 1 year or 10 years? Taking the time to figure out the eventual growth of the plants will save you time and money down the road. This preplanning will allow you to learn how they will spread and reproduce and the amount of maintenance required. Our team will walk you through your landscape plan, to make sure you fully understand how it will flourish over its lifetime.

8. Not Accounting for Wildlife

Understanding your surrounding furry friends can be critical when laying out your landscape. Certain animals will be prone to visit you with particular plants and just a couple of small tweaks can keep them away. As an example, deer love to stopover when you kindly plant them beautiful flowering plants. Planting a few bitter plants, among the others, could save your whole garden. Once the deer get a taste of that wrong plant, they are likely to stop making a snack out of your garden. Understanding what critters are likely to try to take advantage of your yard can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

7. Forgetting the View from Your Window

It may be the most commonly forgotten aspect of landscaping, but you will be looking at your landscape from inside your house almost as much as from outside it. Be sure to plan what your landscape will look like from every angle, both inside and outside the house. When you look out into your yard, you should enjoy your outdoor space.

6. Failing to Be Family-Friendly

You need to make sure that your yard is fit for your family. Do you want to play whiffle ball in the yard? Have you always dreamed about a putting green? Even small things, like a rock garden, could be quite attractive, but with small children, it could be hazardous. It is vital to take the time to sit down with a Thornton expert to develop a landscape strategy for your family’s needs.

5. Overlooking Exterior Lighting

Don’t overlook what your yard would look like at night. Add some exterior night lighting to brighten up your space. This will help with vision and movement. You don’t need to put on a light show, but you should accent certain features. Our experts can help you plan how to make your landscape look its best.

4. Overlooking Maintenance

We would love to tell you that your landscape will always remain perfect. That’s not reality; it will need maintenance. Let us help you design a landscape that aligns with the level of maintenance you’re willing to put in or help you schedule maintenance to meet your needs. Once you have your landscape looking perfect, let us help you keep it that way.

3. Ignoring the Seasons

A major mistake that we see many homeowners making is not designing for the changing of the seasons. Homeowners will buy plants flowering in the spring when they’re planting, but then neglect their yard the rest of the year. Different flowers will bloom at different times. Preplanning will save you in the long run. You can plot out your flowers blooming patterns at the beginning of the year and have year-round coverage.

2. Mismatched Style

When going through the process of selecting your plants, think about the style of the rest of your landscape. You should match the architecture of your home with the theme of your garden. On top of that, you need to think about your hardscape. Patios, decks and fencing can accent your yard when it complements the look of your home. Make sure that all of the elements of your total landscape blend together in harmony.

1. Not Having a Plan

As you can see, the constant in all of these mistakes is the failure to plan. Taking a moment at the beginning of your project will save you time and money in the future. Consult with our experts, who will provide you with detailed plans of your landscape before we get to work. Our experts know how to make your home stand out, and we will custom design a plan that aligns with your budget. Having a beautiful landscape to come home to does not have to be difficult. Thornton Landscape can make it easy for you.


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