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Stay Warm this Winter with an Outdoor Fireplace
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stay Warm this Winter with an Outdoor Fireplace

With summer winding down we’re hearing the back-to-school jingles again, which means before too long we’ll be closing our pools, putting on jackets and preparing for colder weather.

Don’t let the colder weather stop you and your family from having a good time. With an outdoor fireplace you can enjoy the crisp temperatures of autumn and even the frostier days and nights of winter. An outdoor fireplace will bring comfort and cheer to neighborhood gatherings, family time and so much more.

As you consider revamping your backyard space, think of us at Ward + Thornton Landscapes whose experts have the knowledge, expertise and skill set to make your outdoor fireplace both a functional and design masterpiece.

How We Can Help

Ward + Thornton Landscapes will create a plan for you through our in-depth design process that considers the environmental conditions and elements of your property to ensure that we build a fireplace that meets your hopes and dreams.

When you meet with one of our designers, either at your home or our Idea Center, we want to learn how your family uses your space, so we can identify any problems and suggest all possible solutions to utilize all your space in the best way possible.

We’ll measure your space and establish a budget for your fireplace up front to eliminate any surprises, and we’ll show you preliminary design concepts to ensure we’re meeting your requirements. During the installation process and follow-up, you can be right next to us as your new outdoor fireplace is created.

To start the inspirational ideas flowing you can view our Idea Center of beautiful outdoor fireplaces, one of which could be warming up your backyard soon.

For More Information

Visit our website frequently for updates or contact us today!.


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