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Nirvana In Your Backyard
Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nirvana In Your Backyard

The sound of peace and tranquility in the backyard is easier to find than you might think.

It’s all about choosing the right water feature that will meet your expectations and create that soothing sound you desire. Be sure to consider both the style and material of the water feature. Don’t count out bird baths, cascading pots, grottos and statues.

Pay attention to the different materials and their care – concrete, cast stone, metal, resin, fiberglass, slate and ceramic. Natural stone and cast stone come in a variety of texture and colors. They age beautifully but require proper maintenance to prevent cracks.

Resin is the least expensive and most versatile. One of its benefits is that it can resemble natural materials, said Andy Doesburg, Vice President of Thornton Landscape. “Fountains used to be a luxury item or status symbol. Now, they’re becoming increasingly popular,” Andy said. “You can have a fountain to match any taste, style or budget. We are happy to help our customers select a fountain that’s right for them.”

Consider These Fountain Styles:

  • Free-standing fountain. Perfect for a patio and easy to install, these fixtures typically have a lower bowl to collect water and a built-in pump to move water back to the top.
  • Fountain jet. Choose from a wide variety of strengths, heights and shapes to spray water up from the pond in an interesting pattern. It also helps keep water circulating.
  • Wall-mounted fountain. A flat-back fountain offers an excellent choice for a small space with the same tranquil effects of larger fountains.
  • Table fountain. Even a small water feature can offer tranquility and peace in your outdoor space.
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