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How to Take the Pest Out of Pesty Animals
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Take the Pest Out of Pesty Animals

The Midwest’s most common animals can wreak the most damage on your landscaping. Deer and rabbits can destroy the beauty that you’ve spent time, money and attention on as they forage for food.

A small herd of hungry deer can wipe out entire gardens while also harming trees and shrubs. Rabbits nibble, nibble, nibble at a variety of plants until they find one they especially like. They will keep on munching on that plant until satisfied – and then come back for more.

So how do you stop the damage when they want to treat your yard like the local Kroger?

If You’re Having Trouble With Deer

Deer are beautiful to behold as they majestically stand stock-still in your yard until they go bounding off. But when they start chewing instead of standing, try one of these solutions to deer-proof your yard:
  • Purchase plastic tree guards to spiral wrap around ornamental tree trucks
  • Plant deer-repellent plants such as allium, caryopteris, lavender, salvia and more
  • Spray a commercial deer repellent – however, most contain an ingredient that smells like rotten eggs so be prepared for the odor. You may need to buy two different kinds and alternate between them

If You’re Having Trouble With Rabbits

You may have to try a variety of commercial and homemade solutions to see what works best. A few techniques to try include:
  • Spray plants with a rabbit repellent available from a garden center
  • Build a 2’ fence or taller with mesh less than 1” diameter to protect vegetable gardens
A pair of rabbits can produce up to 18 baby bunnies in a single breeding season, so it’s best to control the damage as soon as possible. Rabbits can cause many issues for your landscape. Check out our blog from last summer for more details on how to rid your yard of rabbits.

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