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Gifts are growing this Mother’s Day
Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gifts are growing this Mother’s Day

Nothing says, “I love my mother” quite like fresh flowers on Mother’s Day. Indeed, this timeless gift for mom almost guarantees to make her day a special one. There are many different types of flowers to choose from – the classic rose to the spring staple of tulips.

But, do you know which flower choice will work best in your mother’s garden? Has your mother always wanted to start a garden and just needs a little inspiration. And, do you know which flowers will last longer in our Midwest climate?

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10, and while you can always give mom a beautiful bouquet to sit atop her dining room or end table, we suggest a flower she can plant.

Whether you choose a nice corner plant for indoor use, or seasonal bulbs for outdoors… it pays to know your choices before you shop.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different and Make a Statement

We are midway into the spring season, but it not too late to plant beautiful bulbs for your yard. While roses and carnations are a classic choice, a step outside of the usual will definitely make Mother’s Day even more special.

Mid-Spring Flowers That Also Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts Include:

Lilac – The gorgeous color and scent of a lilac will help fill in your garden for the upcoming summer. These flowers are easy-care, low-maintenance plants and are attractive to butterflies.

Liatris/Blazing Star – This summer bloomer will do great in a spot with full sun and minimal watering. This flower cuts great, shows well after blooming, and is attractive to birds and butterflies.

Calla Lily – Calla Lilies are another choice that will require little maintenance and should bloom by summer. For planting, they will require loose, well-drained soil and lots of sunlight.

All of these bulbs are typically planted in the spring, so they are right on time for Mother’s Day.

Stepping Outside of the Flower Box

Trees and shrubs make wonderful gifts and add definition to your yard and garden. Try these tree selections to add some flare: Flowering Dogwood, Crabapple trees, Hawthorn, and Redbud trees.

Bring your imagination and open mind to the task of choosing Mother’s Day flowers before the big day. The results will be something you’ll enjoy for several years to come.

Ward + Thornton Landscapes offer services and expert advice for a thriving landscaping project.

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