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Fun Landscaping Hacks
Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fun Landscaping Hacks

We all want life to be a little bit easier. That’s led to the spreading of “life hacks” across social media and the internet. We’ve decided to offer up some of our own, and naturally, they are all centered around landscaping and design. Give some of these a try and share your landscaping hacks with us!

Recycling Coffee Grounds for Fertilizer

Why throw out the used coffee grounds when you can get some use out of them? Coffee is very rich in nitrogen and can bring your favorite plants lots of nutrition. Bury the grounds next to a plant that needs a little TLC, and watch it thrive.

Wine Bottle Watering System

Have trouble watering your thirsty plants in the mornings? Have a spare empty bottle of wine (or looking for an excuse to empty one)? Use that bottle to slowly water your plant. Simply fill the wine bottle with water and insert the bottle upside down into the soil. The water will slowly saturate the soil. The next time you forget your routine watering, the plant will not feel as neglected.

Utilizing Mother Nature with a Rain Barrel

This DIY garden hack is easy and can save you on your water bill. Attach a large barrel or heavy-duty garbage bin to the end of your rain gutter pipe. Then, drill a hole at the bottom and attach a normal outside faucet hookup to a garden hose. This will make it a personal reservoir for your garden. Remember to fix the gutter to the top of the barrel so that nothing but water can get inside. With some kind of a tight seal, you’ll prevent your rain barrel from becoming a breeding ground for those annoying and dangerous mosquitoes.

Pesticides for Only a Few Pennies

It sounds too good to be true right? But it’s true! With only a few pennies (literally) you can implement an effective pesticide. The copper-covered coin can help thwart snails and slugs from your garden. You can either glue the pennies to a retaining wall, or bury them along your beds and the slimy creatures will stay clear.

These hacks are simple and easy, but can do a lot to protect your landscaping investment!

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