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Debunking Gardening Myths
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Debunking Gardening Myths

You take pride in the work you’ve done to help your garden thrive. You’ve trimmed, weeded, fertilized, watered and coaxed, and yet your plants look a bit anemic.

You may have been tripped up by a common garden myth. They have made their way into our collective consciousness, but are based more on lore than on fact.

Consider the following four gardening myths, debunked:

Myth #1 – There’s No Right Way to Water

The truth is that plants need about an inch of water a week. A deep soaking of water less frequently is better than a sprinkling of water daily. Test the soil by taking a handful from about an inch down near the roots of the plant. Water only when dry, and saturate roots to promote growth. Too little water encourages roots to spread near the surface and hinders plant health.

Myth #2 – Organic Pesticides Are Not Toxic

The truth is a pesticide can be harmful whether it’s made from synthetic or organic materials. Use with caution and be mindful of pets and other critters you are putting at risk.

Myth #3 – Putting Gravel in the Bottom of Pots Will Help Water Drain and Potted Plants Will Thrive

The truth is, soil reacts to water like a sponge; it soaks it up and releases it only when it cannot absorb any more, so the addition of gravel makes no difference in a pot’s ability to drain.

Also, roots derive nutrients from soil, not rocks, so having less soil is like putting plants in a smaller pot. Be sure your pots have a few small drainage holes and let the soil manage the water content.

Myth #4 – Perennial Gardens Equal No Work

The truth is, the only easy thing about perennial gardens is that you don’t have to replant every year. They still need to be maintained in the same way your other gardens do with regular watering, fertilization, weeding and deadheading.

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