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Creating Comfort on Your Patio
Thursday, May 21, 2015

Creating Comfort on Your Patio

The spring and summer seasons are prime time for patio and deck use, and this space should be an A-list destination for your family.

Placing a little furniture is the surest way to ensure your outdoor space becomes a living area you’ll use and enjoy.

To pick the right furniture for your deck, patio or garden, first decide how you’ll use it. Great patios can be pulled together by bringing the indoors outside with colorful umbrellas, accent pillows, candles, vases and decorative containers for flowers.

Will you be entertaining friends or curling up with a good book? Once you decide on the primary use for your patio, you can work on gathering ideas for furniture.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Furniture

  1. Choose between the comfort of a loveseat set or a table and chairs. If your space is big enough, you can establish pockets of gathering space, with an entertaining area in one place and a quiet nook in another.
  2. You’ll also need to decide how big you want the furniture to be. When you’re outdoors it’s easy to overestimate your space and buy oversized furniture. Be sure to measure and give people room to get in and out of chairs without disturbing others. Also consider the shapes used in your landscape design. A round patio is better served with a round table than a rectangular one.
  3. Once you’ve determined the size and type of furniture you’d like, consider the different materials – plastic, wrought iron, wicker, redwood, bamboo, teak. The more weather resistant materials tend to be more expensive materials, so be sure to shop for bargains and sales to get good value for your money. Consider patio furniture covers to protect the items from the elements. Bring cushions and pillows inside or use a storage box to keep them safe and clean.
  4. Don’t forget to accessorize.
You have now created an extra space that is appealing, comfortable, welcoming, and an alternative to life indoors.

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